Selenium Toned Prints

This is a series of some of my analog film work, processed with selenium toning. I really like the deep rich detailed dark tones that can be acomplished with this process. I am not sure which one I like the best, however the irony is that some were captured with a Diana F+ (plastic camera, plastic lens, very inexpensive) in contrast with my Hassleblad H2 gear. The image of the boy and his dog on a bike ride at the pier was captured with the Diana, I think it might be my favorite. Many of my other favorites are long exposures of about 7 minutes each. I look forward to shooting more film in the future, it provideds a look that is hard to replicate digitally.

el arbol del mar

palms in the mist

the tree

el mar cabo

under the boardwalk

on the rocks


chaos in order


marked territory

a boy and his dog